Sensor vs Contour?

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    Today’s shave confirmed for me the efficient brilliance of the Contour:
    I love that handle too! It feels so good in the hand, such excellent grip and looks great with it.

    The crucial thing with this shave was the NOS blade.
    I know a lot of people avoid NOS blades altogether because it’s always a gamble.
    The first original Contour blade I used this century (I was using them in the 1980s too!) was a bit rough to start but still very very effective.
    However by the third shave it became unusable.
    But this second blade is a real delight - extremely smooth, extremely sharp.

    An absolutely brilliant shave and I can really feel the difference now between the punchy power of the Contour and the gentler caresses of the Sensor.
  1. Can anyone tell me if there is any quality difference between the Sensor (non excel) cartridges made in Brazil vs the ones made in Germany?

  2. The Sensor hasn't been made in Germany since Fusion was launched or earlier. Blue3 and Sensor3 are made in Poland in Europe.
  3. ahh so any Sensor cart packaging that says Germany is old stock?
  4. With the Contour vs Sensor it is YMMV. I personally like the Sensor a bit more than the Sensor Excel. And I definitely prefer Contour to Sensors. Got around 200 original Contour and Atra cartridges stashed. Don't have any Sensor cartridges, although I have both the Sensor and the Sensor Excel handles.
    Still many guys here on B&B consider the Sensor the best cartridge razor ever.
  5. I havent tried a sensor since i took up Mach 3 in 1998. However i have been using Trac II/Atra over the last month or so and picked up a lifetime supply of original NOS Gillette Trac II and Atra carts. I would like to try the sensor again but it will not be my daily shaver. That honor is going to my new found love of Trac II/Atra
  6. Wow! This must be some kind of cosmic shaving convergence guys!
    Having used Sensor Excel, Contour and Trac II now I am totally in love with the Trac II and Contour.
    It seems to me like the best shaving results of anything I’ve ever used and the Trac II is also infinitely collectible.
  7. My observations: Most DE guys prefer GII / TRACII and Contour / Atra. Could be because the blades on them are fixed and on the Sensors are floating.
  8. I'm beginning to think that is why it was so easy for Gillette to persuade so many DE shavers to switch to TRAC II in the early 70s. I shaved 6 days a week for almost 6 years with a DE and when i tried the TRAC II for the first time ever last month i was amazed at how smooth, comfortable and quick it was. (and i'm not a novice with a DE)
    I can imagine what it was like for a DE shaver to be given a demonstrator Trac II in 1971 and immediately putting their DE away in the closet.
    The ATRA is basically a TRAC II with a pivoting head. The TRAC II is the closest to a DE experience you are going to get with a twin blade cart.
  9. Again I’m with you all the way on this.
    I’ve only been cart shaving this year after 7 years of DE/SE/straights and the Trac II blows them all out of the water.
    It feels like a Super Injector.
  10. After a few years of DE shaving in late 80s and early 90s, I received a GII (TRACII) as a gift in 1993. Shaved with it for a couple of years and then the carts started disappearing from stores. Bought a Sensor. Used it for a couple of years and then switched back to DE.
  11. The only ironic thing being the TRACII actually got most of its design from the injectors
  12. Yes - it’s like they took the Wilkinson Bonded Blade concept and perfected it with the best features of injectors.

    As a teenager in the 1980s I shaved with the Contour Plus and I’d always had a suspicion that it was the ultimate razor but I since got dazzled by all those collectable DEs and SEs.
    With all the good prep and good technique learned there, the Trac II and Contour are definitely giving me the best shaves of absolutely anything.
  13. Thats the secret. You almost have to spend a couple years DE shaving to build the right skills in order to use the TRAC II at its full potential.
  14. Wouldn't say my GII or Contour give me the best shaves, but still I get very good absolutely effortless shaves. If I need the perfect BBS shave, I use an aggressive DE razor.
  15. Have been switching between Sensor and Atra ( Contour ) for a while. The Sensor cart in a heavier handle, Taconic, generally gives a slightly closer shave than the Contour/Atra in original or Taconic handle. I am guessing it is the 'floating blades' in the Sensor that make the slight but consistent difference. I could shave with either and be satisfied. I do notice the Sensor carts can be found for less than the Atra/Contour carts also.
  16. I’ve actually found the price of NOS Atra carts to be significantly cheaper than sensor carts on the bay . I’ve bought hundreds of Atra carts in the last 2 months and my average price is at least 25% cheaper than what I’ve been able to get with sensor carts.

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  17. This is clearly yet another YMMV situation eh?
    I find that I get closer shaves with rigid blade carts like Trac II and Contour/Atra than I do with the sprung blades like Sensor and Mach 3.
    For sure though the sprung blades are smoother.

    Prep, technique, water quality, skin chemistry, blade brand all have a part to play.
    Probably also sunspot activity and what you had for breakfast eh?
  18. Went and checked again incase I misremembered, 20 Gillette Sensor excel $18.80, 20 Atra Plus $25-27.00 both including shipping. Maybe regular Atra and Sensor Plus compare differently or in higher quantities. Without checkng I would have thought the older carts without the 'spring mounted' blades would be a lot cheaper and I have not found that to be the case. Probably also depends which venders are posting offers on any given day.

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