Sensor vs Contour?

Discussion in 'Modern Shaving Systems' started by mjclark, May 24, 2019.

  1. You picked the cheapest Sensor auction ($18.80/20 = $0.94 each) and the MOST expensive Atra plus auction ($26.99/20=$1.35 each).

    Here is one for $26.99 for 30 carts ($0.90 each)
    Gillette Contour Plus (Gillette Atra Plus) Refill Blade, 30 Cartridges NEW | eBay

    Here is one for $34.99 for 40 carts ($0.87 each)
    Gillette Contour Plus (Gillette Atra Plus) Refill Blade, 40 Cartridges NEW | eBay

    Both of the auctions i posted above are cheaper per cart than the sensor auction you posted.

    and if you look for vintage you can get even cheaper. Ive bought Vintage Gillette Trac II and Atra sealed carts for as cheap as $0.50 per cart.
  2. Thanks Facescraper for the heads up, I haven't bought in a while and probably won;t need to for months, but will try to keep this in mind when I do start looking again, appreciate the correction.
  3. No problem....As i said if you're patient you can get some good deals much cheaper than what i posted.
  4. It’s now very clear to me that I prefer the Contour to the Sensor although as @FaceScraper has pointed out they are both excellent razors.
    And they both have superb handles.

    No doubt the Sensor is a smoother gentler shave but my skin prefers the results from the Contour.
  5. Right now im extremely happy that i discovered the Trac II and Atra/Contour this year. I had never used them before and absolutely love how they shave especially with vintage cartridges. I am also very impressed with the Sensor having "re-discovered" it. It was my first non disposable razor i used when i first started shaving.

    I have a lifetime supply of Vintage Trac II and Atra cartridges and i am slowing building a cache of Sensor carts. Currently i am rotating between my various Trac II/Atra and Sensor handles. With the occasional DE shave thrown in to keep my "skills" sharp.

    All three systems give great irritation free easy shaves.
  6. I totally agree!
    How do you feel about Mach3?
    I think that’s the next obvious contender and also a thoroughly excellent razor.
  7. Actually it was the Mach 3 that started my return to cartridge shaving back in April this year. I was away on business and used a disposable twin blade razor and really liked the shave. So when i got home i found my old Mach 3 handle (original from the 1990s, yes im a hoarder), bought a pack of 8 carts of Ebay and tried it. Loved the shave.
    That brought me back to B&B modern shaving systems forums.
    The rest is history.

    but yes the Mach 3 is a great system and if you use the Gillette3 carts its actually very economical. The only downside of the Mach 3 is that its trickier around the nose area due to the rubber fins . Thats where the Trac II/Atra/Sensor beats it.
  8. It's crazy how cheap we can get Gillette3 carts on eBay and Mach3 can get down there in price with some patience and determination, I recently tried the Sensor3 disposable with my Sensor handle since it was on sale at my local grocery store and have had 4 incredible shaves so far I've found them 48 carts for 30 bucks in bulk I'll probably pick that up
  9. $38 for 38 = $0.62 per cart. Thats a good deal. I've been buying Sensor carts for $0.75 each on ebay although you have to be patient to get them at that price. Do you find the disposable sensor3 carts to be better than classic sensor? What i like about the sensor is that the cartridge is very slim and short so really easy to shave around the nose area and with just 2 blades there is no irritation. Im worried about the sensor3, 3 blades.
  10. I went ahead and picked them up in bulk! I'm on shave 5 and zero neck irritation or ingrowns surprisingly, the Mach3s pivot actually gave me an ingrown I think the blades being sharper and how the blades pivot is what caused the one ingrown on my neck, I say the Sensor3 is definitely worth trying they've never cut me the regular modern sensor Carts always cut my chin for whatever reason I think they're a bit too sharp, I say definitely try to pick up a 4 or 8 pack at your local grocery store there's a 3 dollar off Gillette manufacturer coupon for the disposables , just take the cart off the disposable handle and attach the cart to your original sensor handle
  11. So after shave 6 I noticed a slight bit of irritation so I went ahead and popped out the top blade making it a two blade sensor cart, gonna see how many more shaves I can get out of the altered cart
  12. i can't seem to find these sensor 3 disposables at a decent price on the auction site. I can find proper sensor carts for less.
  13. I say just go ahead and stick with those, the original ones are sharper which allow them to last longer and aesthetically they look better too

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