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Seasonal facial hair anyone?

Rusty Blade

Over the years I have sported various versions of facial hair. I have always kept my mustache, but the beard has come and gone with the seasons. Winter beard for warmth and clean shaven for summer. Around Christmas I would start growing my beard (usually over the Christmas break because I looked so scruffy when it was growing in), and then shave it off around April 1st. I did this for many years. Does anyone grow a seasonal beard (or mustache)?
I trim my beard once around Christmas, once around the 4 of July. This is of course except for important events. Weddings, funerals, court appearance, job interviews, you understand. Don't get me wrong, I still even it up here and there. If the sides of the jawline get too poofy, I'll knock them back a little. But mostly my beard just kinda does it's thing. 15811901189204394029099685550791.jpg
My work doesn't allow it due to PPE. I grow it out on days off and when on vacation.

When I retire, I'll probably grow a bigass beard.