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Schick Injector question

I have just purchased an Injector and was wondering if it was a good purchase or not. How is the quality of the shave. Really not that many blade selections either. I bought it on a whim but was curious. Any would help would be appreciated!
There's not a lot of blade selection (CVS, Ted Pella, German Schick, or Featherjector, really, for new blades).

The shave, however is quite good. There are a few injector-only guys on here, as well as a fair number of us who have an injector in our rotation.
Injectors are great razors. Easy to use & give good shaves. Injector blades are just like DE blades, subjective to personal tastes.


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Injectors are a kick, and nothing is simpler or quicker to use. The slightly thicker blades make them feel more like a straight than a DE.
I love Injectors, in fact I just shaved with an Injecto-Matic. My favorite still has to be the Schick type E and the Gillette Injector.
I love my injectors, i ordered my little bro a hydromatic just the other day....it came in...it's going to take everything i've got to actually give it to him........
My gold I-model injector gives a smooth shave. With the ivory colored handle it looks like a million bucks too.

just take in to account that injectors struggle with heavier thicker hair, so if you shave daily, its a great shaver, but i left some beard now for 4-5 days and the injector was just dying on me, i had to put down the injector and load up a RP in my 38c to do the job right,

just for referance, i was using a gillette injector, German Schick/Wilkinson sword blade, GFT coconut cream and chamomile oil as preshave,
I've been using my E-Types and a recently acquired J-Type with more frequency of late, especially since I found 8 packs of NOS US-made Schick blades at a discount store last month. I'm on the road this week and the J-Type got the call for travel duty. I will 2nd Aevum's opinion on trying to use one after skipping a few days.....the injector would probably struggle, but those times (and I never skip more than one day) call for the Slant/Feather combo.
I am very satisified with my purchase and looking forward to it. I was skeptical b/c of the limited blade availability but I am sold. Thanks for the input and cant wait for the razor to get here. ya'll have really helped in my decision. The only down side is the price of the blades and selection but what the hell. I have a light beard. I really appreciate all the input!!!
I've ordered some tedpellas, they are pretty superb. But the "schick" blades are nothing to laugh off. They can be found in a local grocery store i'm sure. I accidentally happened upon them in my towns small grocery store. Just check the mom and pop stores I'm sure one of the will have them.
Hmmmm, I've never had a "struggle" with 2 week beard and any of my 7 injectors???? Could some one define the struggle??
I have three in my rotation a Schick Stick 4 speed Type L3, a Schick Grip Type L2, and a Type E. They all shave well with CVS blades. The only problem is CVS packaging, in that the slider is prone to jumping the blade when loading into my razors.
You can get (American-made, far as I can tell) Schick brand blades from Amazon.com. Pricey compared to DE blades, but I get twice as many shaves with the injector blade so it evens out.
Hmmmm, I've never had a "struggle" with 2 week beard and any of my 7 injectors???? Could some one define the struggle??
If I let my beard grow for 2 weeks, forget any kind of razor.....I'd need a chainsaw to get it off.

My beard is very coarse and fairly heavy - just getting off 2-day growth requires an aggressive blade gap. I guess I could use an adjustable injector, but I don't own one.