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Sandalwood problem

Sitting here soaking in the scent but my problem is I decided to give "superlather" another try and went a little overboard. I used QED Sandalwood soap(least favorite) with Salter's Sandalwood cream. I followed that up with C&E Sandalwood ASB(most favorite) and a bit of Floris Sandalwood EdT(only second use..still growing on me). I've no idea what exactly I'm smelling but I like it. Which of these is the most honest sandalwood scent? Closest to whatever the heck sandalwood is.

Hrm, my least favorite. That's not good. The scent is just so weak. Maybe my opinion is skewed by comparing it to the Bay Rum and B&B. I'll have to give it another go tomorrow and try to be objective.
I can only speak from my own experience. I really like Mama Bear's - "Mysore Sandalwood" shave soap. The very pleasant scent lasts a fairly long time after shaving. One of these days, I'll actually order the Cologne and Aftershave. :biggrin:



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I'm a newcomer to sandalwood, but I have Taylor's sandalwood soap & find it very pleasant. I hear from those with more experience, that it's not really what sandalwood smells like as there's other stuff in there too ... maybe you could give this a try??
I'll get around to them all eventually. Right now I have a jar of C&E on the way. Hopefully it's a ringer for the ASB since that is my favorite so far. I gave the QED soap another try today and the best I can say is that it was no match for the C&E ASB. The shave was great...typical QED as far as performance. Maybe I got a dud. Who knows.
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