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As of today, Saint Charles Shave is just one month old and is constantly undergoing changes. Thank you all for your support and interest in my products. I would like to thank all of you for your suggestions and comments. I took them all to heart. Keeping your suggestions in mind, I have changed some of my packaging which will gradually replace existing stock. I have added waterproof labels, a four ounce Body Lotion with a bellows pump and new squeezable bottles. There are a few new products you said you would like to see offered. On my website you will find in the next few days, New Spice Shampoo and Body Wash. I have a brand new logo designed by my brother for Saint Charles Shave.

I will be offering new products in Men's and Women's gift sets for the holidays, while they last. The set for men includes a new Shave Stick. The set for women includes 'Her Spice' Body Lotion, a double mirror compact and a refillable atomizer packaged in black with jeweled embellishments. Gift set pricing will include Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the continental United States (only).

I also have a very limited supply of Shaving Brushes that were made for Saint Charles Shave. The handle choice is Faux Ivory or Black Horn. My shave brush is a 20mm Badger brush. I purchased 25 of these brushes and my supplier told me that they are 100% Silver Tip. Depending on your response, I will be ordering more or consider them as keepsakes of my brush adventure. I am not a brush expert and Tony my tester isn't a brush expert either. Tony did an extensive lather and shave test on the brush and with his permission I offer his results as follows.

Day one; I received the brush and soaked it in hot water. I shook it dry and then hung it up side down over night. The brush blossomed well for it's first wetting.

Day two; I used the brush with Sue's Almond shave soap. I soaked the brush and it held a lot of water and heat. I let the brush drain and even gave it a light flick to remove some water. I started mixing and got plenty of lather. I applied the lather to shave and the brush felt great on my face. It is very soft, but still holds a ton of lather. I made two passes and a touch up and got an excellent shave.

Day three; The brush has even blossomed out more. Today I used Proraso cream. I got the same results. Tons of lather and a great feel and shave.

Day four: Today I used Musgo real in a heated mug.

Please direct any 'technical' brush questions to Tony as I am positive he can answer better than I.

Again, my heartfelt appreciation for your interest in my products. Thank you also for your words of encouragement when I needed to hear a kind word. In 2006, I will continue to offer you the best in shaving and personal care items that I can make. I also pledge my best to you in personal customer service.

Best wishes for this holiday season!

Saint Charles Shave
Tony, Could you tell me whether the bristles on the brush are stiff or "floppy"?
I'm looking for a soap brush and I prefer the bristles to be on the stiff side.
The brush worked fine with Sue's bar soap. I suspect it would work well with any bar soap. It is not a stiff brush like a boar brush that is often used for bar soaps. It isn't floppy. If it sounds like I can't give you a direct answer it's because I think everyone has a different sense of feel. Personally to me it is soft, but it still works well on hard soap. I have a AOS brush that is way too soft and I don't like the brush at all. It won't work on bar soap and when used with cream it won't make the hairs on your face stand up. This brush is not like that. I holds up well when making circles to build lather on your face. Something to also consider is I always make lather in a bowl even when using cream.

For $39.95 this is a great buy. I have brushes that cost a lot more and aren't this good. My Art of Shaving brush being one of those.

I hope that answered your question.

Thanks for the info Sue and Tony.


Those new bottles with the new labels look really nice. :thumbup1:

Thank you Nick!
I am pleased with them also. Constructive criticism/Customer feedback was the deciding factor. I also received very helpful direction via PM from a forum member as to who provides the best service for waterproof labels. His suggestion was an enormous help.
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