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FS Rudy Vey Shavemac D01 24mm 2 band, B&M, Stirling, Catie’s Bubbles and Maggard Soaps

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For sale, CONUS shipping PayPal G&S.

1.) Rudy Vey 24mm 2 band D01 Fan. Purchased from Rudy this summer, lathered 6-7 times. Very dense knot, lots of backbone, yet soft tips. I use bulbs more so I want to move this to someone who wants an almost new Shavemac D01 knot. - $125 (in full disclosure there is a tiny spot in the resin which I highlighted - I never saw it until I took these images).

2.) Soaps - B&M Cool - about 75% remaining. Catie’s Bubbles purple lavender about 75% remaining. Maggard Limes and Bergamot (used 1x) 95% remaining, Stirling Smoked Grapefruit (used 2x) 90-95% remaining. 30 dollars.

Buy both the brushes and soaps for 140.

Thank you.


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GLWTS sir! That RudyVey is sweet! And holy smokes, great deal on all that software!

Buy with confidence folks! 😃🤙
Brush is now 110 dollars. Last time I looked, the knot itself was 120-125 dollars before shipping.

Questions I’ve been asked

Does it splay? - answer for me yes.

Is it scritchy? - answer for me is no, it is scrubby but not scritchy. However this is subjective.

Is it good for face lathering? - answer I don’t face lather.

Last comment on the knot - it is very dense with good backbone. Tips to me are soft for how dense it is. If you load up the soap, you will be happy with this knot, it is scrubby and dense. Think Manchurian…

Have a good thanksgiving!
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I find it hard to believe this brush is still available. I received one with the same knot from Rudy Vey just last weekend and can't justify another one right now... Or can I?


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