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INFO! 2024 Rudy Vey B&B GROUP BUY!!

And here is mine…just used it for the first and was fantastic, as expected…

Rudy Persan.jpg

Rudy is always to be congradulated with the Persian. Beautifull handle with the shavemac knot (this knot does not feel chemically treated no slim feel during the shave and the cleaning after) The other thing I like about this knot is the depature from high density/overly stuff knot to the classical knot with moderate backbone at a 50 loft. As far as it's name sake I don't believe the Persian's had much use for shaving except for cleaning up around their beards.
I've been busy with life and haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to share about my Shavemac 2-band silvertip 24 mm from the group buy. The handle is extremely comfortable, so much so that I was surprised by how much I liked it from the first shave. The Shavemac knot is incredibly nice and easily one of my favorites in a collection of brushes I love. Typically, I will shave once or twice with a brush before I rotate to something else in my collection, but the RV group buy brush sneaks into the rotation more and more. This brush was my last shaving purchase and likely the last for a long, long time. With thirteen bushes, twenty-one soaps and aftershaves, and a mix of twenty DE and SE razors, I have everything I was curious about and more than I need. My blade selection is large and varied and, at my current consumption rate, will last several years.
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