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rotation ?

It is definitely soaps for me. I have a ton of razors , mostly superspeeds , but usually use the same one , a 1957 flare tip. I use a Merkur 38c on Sundays. I like to have about 3 or 4 soaps on rotation , right now it is DR Harris Arlington , Tabac , Proraso , and TOBS Lavender.
I change everything each day. Perhaps it is a function of having too much stuff. :blush: I will have two or perhaps three razors in rotation and use them until the blade is spent. I will then put other razors in my rotation. I enjoy changing soap/cream every day for variety. I change brushes daily as well for the same reason plus I want to make certain that they are dry prior to using them again. I enjoy the variety of changing things on a daily basis. I do have some "special" products that I use for special days as well.

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I usually use the same razor through the life of a blade or 2 and then change up. I think I rotate brushes mostly. I only have 3 boars, and I switch every day to give them time to thoroughly dry. As for soaps/creams/aftershaves, I used to use a system kind of like Luc's, but without Proraso day. But like some others on this board, I've been trying to use up some of my opened products, so my "mediocre" soaps have been getting a lot of use lately.
I usually just pick with no rhyme or reason.

I need to set up some systematic rotation.

The only item that seams to be getting used up the most i my palmolive shave stick.

Now that I have reduced my den quite a bit, it should be a bit easier. :001_unsur
I have 4 brushes in rotation. I do not pick one in particular more, it's even across the board. Two DE's rotate evenly, and the straight comes out on days off. My soap hardly ever changes. Cella 99% and the Palmolive stick when I am feeling fishy.
I use the same razor at least for the life of a blade - sometimes through several blades.

I generally switch brands of blades every time a blade gets replaced.

One of my brushes - a T&H/Rooney 3/1 - is much better than my other brushes so I use it most of the time, only switch off occasionally. (I think I just convinced myself I need another brush. :) )

Preshave oil, soap, aftershave and cologne pretty much change everyday. I usually decide what cologne I want to wear that day and work my way backwards with the other products to "match"
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