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Rooney 3/1 'replacement' recommendations?

Hi folks -
It's been close to a decade, and my Rooney 3/1 (22mm knot, 46mm loft) is showing its age.
Looking for something comparable, having a decent backbone, strictly for soaps & face lathering. Slightly smaller is preferable to slightly larger.
Not overly concerned about price, as long as it lasts the better part of a decade. That said, less is more.
Recommendations invited.
Thanks kindly,
- Richard

Simpson Classic 1 or 2. I can measure the handle if you were interested.

Check out the specs. Pretty close to the Rooney.


I can't remember what Rooney I have in the picture. It's either a 1/1 or 3/1.

The loft is around 44mm as pictured.

The Classic is a much better brush but my Rooney has proven to be a workhorse.

Sadly, I have seen signs of shedding.

As for the handle on the Rooney, it's about 42mm. Probably a 1/1.
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