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Rocket vs Rocket

Found 3 British razors: a TV Special Rocket, a Blue tip Rocket and Blue tip SS. Decided to compare the 2 Rockets.
3 days beard. Saponificio Varesino Felce aromatica, Feather blade. TV on left, Blue Rocket on right. Bothe razors were extremely smooth, blade feel negligible with Blue, sligthly more with TV. Both very easy to use, Blue lighter but very well balanced, TV slightly more efficient. Impossible to cut myself (at least this morning). 2 passes: WTG and ATG + few touch-ups. Very good results. BBS? Almost. Alumen rock minor for TV, close to none for Blue. Probably my 3 days beard did not help. I do feel that both razors could be excellent for daily shavers, at least on my face.
Great scores - that Blue Tip Rocket is very hard to come by, even looks in perfect condition! - And thanks for the shave comparison, great read. I find all Rockets perfect shavers.

I hasten to invite you over to the Rocket Addicition Fraternity, this is a small forum for us Rocket lovers :thumbup1:
R.A.F. - Rocket Addiction Fraternity
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