REVIEW: Frank Shaving develops in-house synthetic fibre!!!

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by nav, Nov 16, 2018.

    Could it be a copycat? Not sure if it would make financial sense for Muhle to supply FS.
  1. The FR pur-tech knot looks similar in construction to any diy knot. The STF knot comes on that threaded base. Also, the pur-tech comes in way more sizes. It seems like it has to be a knockoff.
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    Muhle provides the fibres, not the knot. FS does all the knot making in-house.

    The supply of pur-tech (STF) fibre was running low as that's why they have created an in-house fibre that emulates the STF....extremely well I might add.
  3. I received the brush in the last two weeks and shaved for about a week solid with it. It is a very wonderful brush, and I am very pleased to have received it! Thank you, @nav, for bringing this to our attention!

    - Karve Diem, M. BOSC
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    Fantastic! Glad you like it!!
    This is why I enjoying putting my experiences on the forum :)
  5. Has anybody heard of or tried the Frank Shaving "Faux Finest" fibre?
  6. nav


    I haven't ordered this one yet.
    I was much more interested in their pur-tec and the new G4 fibre.

    Perhaps I'll order one and see how it is but it won't be very soon as I got my order of ds cosmetic brushes on Dec and have a bunch of stuff from Yaqi on the way.
  7. Could you compare this FS knot with Yaqi Moka Express 24mm Mew Brown knot? Which one is better?
  8. nav


    The characteristics are fairly different between the two but let's start with the handle...the moka is just amazing in every way! Very ergonomic and looks amazing!

    The mew brown knot is one of my favorites in the synthetic world but the G4 is basically a dead ringer for the muhle fibre.

    What this means to you may be huge, or may mean nothing :)

    The G4 is a very soft knot that mimics the muhle fibre perfectly at a fraction of the cost.

    In all honesty, both are amazing knots so you'd have to decide based on overall liking of the brush.

    One thing the G4 does better than most is the splay. But that's not to say the mew brown doesn't splay, just not as "badger like" as the G4.
  9. After reading this thread I am going to have to try the G4 brush. I love synthetic brushes, they are all I use. Thanks for the great review.
    Happy shaves
  10. nav


    The G4 is wonderful indeed!
    Please let us know how you get on with it.
  11. I will do that. I also read your review of the ds cosmetics long handled super soft brush, I was wondering how they are similar and different. Which is softer and splayes better. Oh how I love super soft brushes. Thanks for all the great reviews.
    Happy shaves
  12. Where can you get the g4? Link
  13. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    Nice review. Just saw it and ordered the brush you have.
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  15. Thank you
  16. nav


    First off, the ds long handle is a tad cumbersome but that knot is extremely soft!

    If you like ultra soft synthetics, both the ds and G4 will make you happy! The DS is 26mm and the G4 is 24mm.

    Both have excellent splay, very natural but the DS feels a tad bigger on the face due to the larger knot.

    Both knots are ultra soft and softer than all the other knots out there (tuxedo, synbad, boss, timberwolf, cashmere etc). I put the muhle STF (EJ STF and FS pur-tech), G4 and the DS in the "ultra soft" category. The muhle being the extremely expensive form, which I really can't consciously recommend when fibres like the G4 and the DS are now available.
  17. So Nav, where does that put the backbone on these compared to the ones you listed? I just have a Synbad and (tuxedo Yaqi) out of those.
  18. Thanks @nav, it sounds like I can't go wrong with either one. I am going to get the g4 for now. I have all the ones you mentioned but the boss and like them all but my favorites are the wolf whiskers blackwolf fan, cashmere and timberwolf. I look forward to testing it out for myself.
    Happy shaves
  19. nav


    The splay on these ultra soft fibres is more natural so by default, the backbone is a little less but not at all floppy...just less.

    They are not floppy synthetics at all. They have backbone but splay out nicely in response to the pressure I apply. If I don't apply pressure, they don't splay too much.

    Are these "better" than others such as synbad, tuxedo etc? No...just a different experience and variety is a big part of this hobby.

    I used my original Razorock plissoft for 4 months straight with full satisfaction but that was purely utilitarian.

    Now with 50+ brushes, I enjoy the silvertip, two band finest, tuxedo, timber wolf, boss, synbad, G4, muhle STF, silk smoke etc

    After all that...I would highly recommend these ultra soft generation of brushes for sure! Very enjoyable and a very different experience.

    Yeah, the G4 from Frank Shaving had a great handle and is a wonderful brush.
    And it's fantastic value for money!

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