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REVIEW: Frank Shaving develops in-house synthetic fibre!!!

Here it is:

Handle is a bit nicer that I thought.

A pic after 1st pass (Haslinger Schafmilch)

The "bristle" is nice and soft, density ok, splays with no problem, 28mm doesn't feel too big, although I think that 24mm version should be great (especially with that nice handle).

Getting the knot out of this handle and using it in another handle would also be a good idea.
Looks great!

The handle is indeed nicer than shown in the FS photo.
Same with the 24mm!
They should upgrade their camera/photo skills!


Mine came. First impression, the fibers are nice and soft, but the glue bump is massive. Maybe it won’t matter. I will reserve judgement until after I try it.


If G4 is supposed to replicate the Muhle fibers, I think the 28mm brush was mislabeled. It feels much more like a Plissoft than a Muhle STF knot. No wonder why it was only $20...buyer beware.
As I said, I dodn't get to try the new muhle fibers, but this seems softer (at least the tips) than the plissoft (my only plissoft is the Razorock BC pictured above).
You can see the side by side pic and visually confirm they aren't the same.

Ps. The glue bump isn't bigger than the Fine stout or my Razorock brushes.


C1AEB4A0-3804-46D4-81A6-C9E66E6EDAD9.jpeg I was highly skeptical, but pleasantly surprised after using this brush this morning. It’s not as floppy as a Plissoft. I still think the fibers are finer than the STF fibers. Maybe the giant glue bump helps it splay well and not be too floppy. I think it could stand to have a bit more density/backbone, but maybe it wouldn’t splay as well as it does. Anyhow, I was sort of disappointed at first, but now happy with my $20 purchase. I’m still going to try to get the knot out though. Fingers crossed.