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    I have just bought a couple of vintage Ever Readys and am going to attempt my first restorations.

    While I wait for the ERs to arrive I was hoping to read up on the restoration process. I have done some searches of existing threads and, while reference is made to a brush restoration guide, I can't seem to find it.

    Appreciate if anyone can direct me to the B&B brush restoration guide. Any other advice and guidance would also be much appreciated.

  1. Thanks Luc and Midnightrambler, just what I was looking for.
  2. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    No worries, if you have any other questions, don't be shy.
  3. Luc how did you find all those so quick ?

    Paulesrickenbacker any questions just ask away someone will be willing to assist.Nice to see another Aussie brush restorer !

    Oh and see my wiki in my sig for some other posts,that maybe useful
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  4. Luc

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    I always keep an eye on you... :laugh:

    I did a search on the thread you started and I had mine subscribed...

    Here's a paste of your (Fidjit) wiki link: :laugh:
  5. Thanks guys.

    One of the things I love about this place is how helpful members are.

    On other (non-shave related) forums that I frequent I would have been lambasted for posting a new thread about a common subject, but not here.

    I am expecting the vintage brushes to arrive in the next week or two. Haven't decided on what knots to get yet but it seems like TGN is the place to buy from (unless there are other recommendations).

    I won't be shy about asking for assistance as I go through the process.

    Thanks again
  6. Was just looking through those threads of mine that Luc posted.

    The Kent butterscotch was my first restore and that, and another Kent butterscotch with a Silvertip A knot are the only two I really use.

    Probably could have stopped at the first one :tongue_sm

    TGN is definitely the place to go. Do yourself a favour ( to quote a famous Aussie icon :001_rolle) and make sure you get a Finest, they really are the best bang for buck knot.

  7. Hex


    Thank you again fidjit for all your useful info.

    If I want the best TGN bang. and am not concerned about the buck, do you still recommend their finest ?
  8. Knots are a personal choice in some respects.

    Are you a face or bowl latherer ?......Do you like soft or scritchy ???........ Do you like a dense or sparse knot ? .........

    To me the Finest is the best bang for buck and the "standard" knot. If you read my information , my opinion is that the Silvertip A is probably a bit softer in the tips, the Super is softer again in the tips but then the Finest extra stuffed is denser..........

    Is it worth the extra $$$ to go above the the end only YOU can decide.

    In the end I've probably overanalysed as if it puts a lather on ya face then it's doing it's job .

    In addition a soft knot set at a low loft will perform differently again to a scritchier knot at a higher loft.....

    In the end it's all a bit personal and you need to start somewhere and the Finest is a good "bang for buck" place to start :biggrin1:

    There's guys here that say the Bests are good or the Silvertips...but to me these knots are too scritchy ( perhaps I'm just a woose ).

    Truth is I'm happy with the Finest set at 45mm and really should have stopped there but curiousity got the best of me and I HAD to order other knots in comparison.

    That and a Silvertip A @ 48mm are my goto brushes.

    Other knots I've got are the Silvertip, Best and UK Super all set at around the 45-50mm loft mark.

    To me , the extra $$$ aren't worth it.

    YMMV !!! :lol:
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  9. Hex


    Thanks for helping me decide Fidjit.

    I bowl lather exclusively, and like very soft and firm.

    My 1st impressions of the New Forest 2211 silvertip, and I have only used it once, are that it might be my ideal brush.
    Perhaps a bit denser.

    But then again, I just got a B&B LE 06 that is untested, along with a custom Shavemac D01 in the mail.

    As you can see, I have a thing for brushes.
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  10. Note Luc's Shavewiki badge.... he can find all of those really quick because he organized it all :lol:

  11. If you like brushes you might find these very appealing too.. The Omega Pro and the Omega art 11574 boar brushes after they are broken in they are amazing. I was very surprised and pleased with them. it takes about 10 days of hand lathering before the ends of the boar hair split and then its ready to use.

    I always thought badger was the only brush I would ever use but I won a PIF for these brushes and I honestly tried these brushes and liked them very much.

    I wont stop using badger brushes but I will definitely have both boar and badger brushes in my rotation. :thumbup:
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  12. Hex


    Paules, if you have a brush that is your ugliest that you can use for your 1st try, have a go at it.

    I had about 6 that I bought, 4 of which I wanted for myself.

    The worst of the other 2, I did as my 1st restoration and gave it to my brother.

    Needless to say, I learned a lot about what in my mind was the hardest part.
    Getting the old knot out without damaging the old brush.
    The 1st one had some pretty good gouges in it, but my brother is not picky.

    Good luck
  13. I'm a 100% face latherer, hence the shorter loft.

    Perhaps a Finest @ 50-55mm will do you well. I'm sure a bowl latherer restorer will chip in with advice.

    Normal SBAD is bad enough. Restoring SBAD is even worse.

    Luckily I'm over the worst of it :biggrin1:
  14. I bought a lot of three brushes for the two Ever Readys that were part of the lot. I don't really care for the look of the other brush based on the pictures (though I might feel differently when it arrives). Might try my first restore on that brush.

    This post has really got me thinking about what knot to get and how to set it. I mainly use creams but like to use soaps every now and again (15-20% of the time) and always bowl lather. The brush I use now is scritchy so I would like a softer brush.

    I am leaning towards one in finest and another in Silvertip Grade A but will probably change my mind a few times before I start. I haven't put my mind to loft yet.
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