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Hello All,

I just wanted to give a thumbs up for www.resole.com based on my one encounter with them. I had them put some topy's on a pair of allen edmonds and they did a great job.

My first pair I took to a local cobbler...and I wasn't too pleased with the result. They weren't set flush...there was glue all over the bottom of the soles...and there was a quarter sized black stain on the bottom of the sole. I ended up dying the whole sole black because it looked so bad.

The ones I had done at resole.com look very professional. They are set flush and finished quite nicely. Cost $30 which includes 2-way shipping. All-in-all took about a month. They call them "sole-savers." Only potential downside, besides the wait, is that they use the Goodyear brand topy's rather than the vibram ones. Hope they get a good life out of them, but that will take some time to find out.
Thanks, Its always good to find more options for shoe repair.

What made them better than originals?

Besides the quality of the craftsmanship the replacement soles/heels are better than OEM,the welt was more substantial and the rebuilt footbeds were "springier" also.
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