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Reference/Show-off section?

I know we have a acquisitions subforum, but is there a 'reference' library type of thing? A place where you can find good pics of the major (and not so major) razors, creams, what have you? The Razor reviews thread is rather sparse. Pics of creams wouldn't make sense, but brushes would. Eg the beautiful Muhle-Pinsel series.

I thought of this because I'm trying to track down the pic of the Merkur Progress mod, with the beautiful wooden replacement for the plastic knob -- and I don't even know where to start looking, because it was posted as a reply to some other thread whose name I don't remember.

There are one or two threads with some good pics, and someone posted one of their toggle, but I would like to see a Reference Gallery.

Just my $.02 :)
Do you mean this pic?
Since Merkur Molds the Plastic right on to the Knob assembly this isn't a simple swap. The plastic knob must be cut off, then a wooden blank must be epoxied to the knob assembly, the it must be chucked in a lathe and turned to final size.
I'm in the process of restoring a South Bend machine lathe and when I'm finished in a month or so I will be able to make and mod lots of cool handles.
Super HD handle for 3 piece Gillettes and Classic Merkur made of bronze or Stainless.
That's the one!

I couldn't find a gallery so I'm glad you posted. Now I know where to find the pic, in my very own thread! :mellow:

Beautiful job, by the way. The brushes and razor both. :001_tt1:
rtaylor61 said:
***Thread Hijack***

Bob, how are the brushes working out?


The brushes are the 21 mm super badger from Blakity-blanks. They whip up lather very well, there not as firm as my other brush ($35 Shavemac Badger). But I think that how there suppose to be but I don't have anything to compare them to. Next brush I'm going to use there standard Badger in the 24 mm. But right now the lathe restoration is consuming me. I've got the bed stripped and repainted and I've disassembled the apron and I'm stripping the casing right now. Once it up and running I'd be able to do the Progress knob very easily.
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