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Recasting Soap?

I have been using the same puck of low end VdH shave soap for awhile. I actually like it quite a bit-- easy to get, low cost and effective.

It seems to me though that I've basically worn through much of the center of the puck (I use the add water, let sit, then bristle the soap onto the brush method). Is there a way to melt and recast the soap into a smaller puck that won't have a chewed-out center? Could I, say, put it in the microwave in a little dish or mug and then melt it and let it reform into a smaller solid puck?


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You could melt it in the microwave with 10-15 sec burst (max). I had the same thing with a Wilkinson Sword soap but I kept going on the sides to load my brush without any problems.
Yeah, you can definitely go ahead and melt it seeing as it's a glycerin soap and all. Just do it in small bursts. And don't try it with tallow-based soaps. The results there aren't pretty. But with VDH you'll be fine.
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