Re-purposed Salt Shaker

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    So I really wanted a silver, or even silver-plated brush (I like silver, what can I say :001_smile), but was not willing to spend 100 bucks on one (bit of a cheapskate as well :laugh:). So I stared looking for other items that could be turned into a handle...

    ... enters the Salt Shaker
    Since is had two parts to it, I decided to make two brushes.

    Chinese Silver tip

    And Whipdog's Synthetic IMG_4533.JPG

    I use the synthetic for traveling and the badger has become my favorite brush.

    What do you guys think? Should I stop messing around and get me an artisans brush?
  1. Excellent idea! You may start a movement. :thumbup1:
  2. Excellent use of existing products. Smart.

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  3. That is really cool!
  4. Great idea. Getting ready to go to the DMV and right around the corner are some antique shops. Guess my morning just got longer.
  5. Glad you guys liked them, the pics don't really do them justice (phone camera), but i'm really pleased with how they turned out
  6. Great use of creativity there!
  7. Love them!
    Keep messing around. Wonderful results.
  8. Great job.....what about the Pepper?
  9. Yeah, and use a black knot!
  10. I do have the pepper shaker... Do I dare???
  11. Wow. Very cool.
  12. As stated, black colored knot in the pepper shaker...
  13. Do it keep them a pair.....TGN Black Badger is a very nice knot, and would also look great.
  14. Cool idea! I say make one out of the pepper shaker too.
  15. Very nice.
  16. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    :001_rolle Have you finished yet? C'mon, we're waiting for the pics!

  17. Very nice!
  18. August West

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  19. In the original Star Trek TV series, many of Dr. McCoy's "medical instruments" were actually futuristic salt shakers.

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