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Razors that you had a chance to buy and regret you didn't



A long time ago. A Gillette Techmatic. Not the band razor. The DE version with the same name that automatcally loads and unloads the DE blades. Sort of like an Injector, but the blade unit yanks the old blade out then inserts a new one.

It was really, really costly and so I didn't avail myself of the opportunity. I think they made, maybe, three of these as prototypes. I have only ever seen the one for sale.

A buddy of mine had a good '37 Shertaton he picked up at an antique store. Could of bought it for $10. Now he loves it. I did get '46 user Aristocrat and a user '57 red tip from him,so it worked out.
Nah. I’m a utilitarian, not a collector. Ultimately, with developed skills, any razor will work. Some more to my liking, some less. But that one would have been the grail? Nope.
Hi Everyone, I passed on a raised flat bottom 77 in excellent condition on the bay. One member said he would get bit by the 77 and the 88 was a smooth shaver. One bad review. For about two weeks I thought I blew it when I learned that they normally go for at least double the Buy it Now price.

I scoured listings for the next few weeks and picked up an 88 labeled as "old razor" for 4 euro plus shipping. It was green and so bent, but annealed and cleaned up beautifully and is a solid user grade, smooth shaving RFB. It's definately one I will use for a while.
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