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Razor wars: Blackland Blackbird versus Lambda Athena

Mate, I think keeping in mind that the GC .76 is the sweet spot for you, the Athena would be perfect. I found it to be mild but very efficient. The Blackbird definitely has a learning curve but once you've figured that out, there is no turning back.

The Information from all our Lads here is Gold and that's cause they are seasoned Bird or Athena Users. I think @gdawg55 nailed it perfectly when he said this , "Ask yourself if you prefer low blade exposure, high efficiency or high blade exposure, high efficiency then you’ll have your answer. " and this is coming from a lad who is very passionate about both Razors. I think @Guido75 too laid it out beautifully on page one, teh comparison was spot on.

I find the GC.84 very mild and love the 1.05 better but for me the Sweet Spot would be the Lupo 127. Having said that, I still find the Athena a Stellar and extremely enjoyable Shaver. I'll be blunt and say this If you find the GC .84 even a little aggressive, then go for the Athena blindly. If you can get to a point where you can use the GC.84 comfortably as a daily shaver, get the Blackbird.

Or better still, get both and then you can pick the Razor for the cause on a given day depending on growth or mood etc.
Good answer - more than a few days' growths, it's the Bird; hands down, every day or in a hurry, it's the Athena... and if you can't decide, default to the Ares!
I have a couple new, inexpensive razors to try soon: an R41 and a Mellon SS. I have high hopes for them both.
Kim,you will so enjoy the Mellon SS, such a fun razor to use. And the R41 to be fair it's such a mild tool after Muhle tamed it again in 2019. I love using it, still very efficient and never a nick or a weeper or even skin irritation. I just pop a Feather , a Kai or a Wizamet in it and cruise control always.

I'm taking the Knight Helmet for a spin tomorrow, super excited.
A bit off the topic but since I said I was taking the Knight Helmet for a Spin, here it is. Two pass BBS with minor touch ups and this is one Blade on a stick for sure. Stellar results like the R41 but mot as smooth. Demands attention when you're using it for sure. I went with a Wizamet Super Iridium blade.

I did a three pass shave with an overlander on one side and lambda on the other. The lambda barely beat the overlander for closeness and was a bit behind for comfort. However afterwards I cleaned up the minimal stubble with a blackbird and get a much smoother shave on both sides. For closeness, the blackbird beats everything else that I've tried.
Has anyone done a formal side-by-side between the Athena and the Blackbird Lite? I would think the Athena to be a closer match to that one relative to efficiency and comfort. For me, the TiBird in both SB and OC are great, but after 4-5 days of daily use, I need a one-day skin recovery break. Not with the Athena, nor the BB Lite.
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