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Razor Temperature Revisited

I wish I had seen this thread sooner. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to browse the forum lately and created a nearly identical thread a few days ago.

Long story short, I get a smoother shave by rinsing the razor with hot water rather than cold. After reading some of the comments here I suspect it's just a skin feel kind of thing due to the warm razor not being as noticeable to my skin as a cold razor.

In the thread I created, @NorthernSoul calculated that an SS object with an initial length of 22mm would only expand by .0036mm when exposed to a 15c increase in temperature.

I think, given that, it's safe to say that the temperatures we shave at, whether hot or cold, don't impact the tolerances of our razors. Which most here have already come to that conclusion. I guess I just needed some numbers.

I still think it's strange that a razor rinsed in hot water feels smoother than one rinsed in cold water though. 🤷‍♂️
I am a daily shaver and not a metal expert. I shave with a 1924 Shovel head and a 1912 GEM. I only shave with a shaving oil. After my shave I apply a beard oil. I am satisfied with my shaves. This I know:

1. When cold I shave and rinse with hot faucet water.
2. When hot I shave with regular tepid faucet water.

I do what makes my skin comfortable during and after the shave.

I think when shaving water temperature more so affects the skin more so than the metal razor or blade. Right?


In regards to blades, which holds temperature longer, Carbon steel or stainless steel? I use both.

I think my razors are brass with a nickel finish. Correct me if I am not correct. Which metal retains temperature longer: brass, nickel, carbon steel, stainless steel, gold, zamak (spelling may not be correct), bakelite ( I know it is not a metal), etc.

When shaving my focus is on what will provide a smoother, more comfortable shave that will pamper the skin being shaved. Face and head.

Interesting thread. Learning a lot.
I am a cold water shaver +5 years now formerly warn/hot. Was forced to try cold water after loosing power. Found it made little difference in the outcome as long as face and lather were well hydrated. Actually, I liked it. IMHO temperature makes little difference besides personal preference/comfort. Technique, razor/blade selection, hydration/lather make the big difference.
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