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Razor burn using the method

Guys, I just started trying to shave using the shaving method. I can tell this method will really work for me. Then only problem is I am experiencing major razor burn in my neck area. Keep in mind I have only shaved twice using this method. Any suggestions would be most appreciated
You need to back off that area for awhile. I had the same problem when I started. I went to only one pass during the first form on the irritated areas with a light touch for about 2 weeks. Then I moved on to putting it through the second pass for 2 weeks. After that I could cut all 3 no problem during the shave. This area still needs a lighter touch than the rest of the face reagrdless in almost all cases. For me it was just conditioning needed to get the face used to being shaved everyday and in a certain way. Before I started wetshaving, I rarely shaved more than every 3 days.
Hey Wess,

Sorry to hear your having some problems. Be a little more specific about your shaving routine, and I'll see if I can help.
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