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Quick blade question.

I've been meaning to post this question for about a week now, but my internet isn't being too cooperative lately. How rare are Gillette Thin blades? I have about 10 or so that I got with my British New a few weeks ago, and I'm afraid to try them for fear that I won't be able to get any more! Now, the ones I have look brand new, unused but I won't use them if it's darn near impossible to get replacements (if I even like them).
Last advice I heard on the subject was that you probably don't want to use the vintage blades. Allegedly, the edge oxidizes over time causing them to dull. In any case they don't make them anymore.

Dang. I figured as much on the production. I always had a fear of using them because of the oxidization that occurs. I guess they'll just be there for looks!
I think it depends on how old the thin blades are. There was a guy about a year ago that was selling cases of NOS thins from the 80's (on ebay). Those could be ok. We don't really know what the composition of the later blades were. I have used NOS Super Blue Blades form the same seller (early to mid 80s) that are fine. The concern is that non stainless, non coated blades will not last too long...

.Easiest way to tell aproximate age.... Is there a zip code on the package? If so, it is mid 60s or later. Also, is the newer Gillette logo on the packaging? Then it is post 1971.
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