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I have bought recently some creams in tubs and some seem to be fairly dried out.

Either a 'crust' or just thicker and lacking viscosity as compared to stuff from tubes. (I always bought tubes before, I'm new to cream in tubs).

Is that normal or are these creams fairly old?



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I would say yes it can happen if you remove the cap between the cream and the lid. If it's dried up with the cap, they might be old. If you add a bit of water it should be all right. You might want to rotate between those cream quickly to prevent more drying up. I have to use my proraso every 2 days otherwise it dries (it's a tube that has a broken cap).
I've had this with my creams a couple of times but it's never caused any problems. I get my cream out of the tub using my brush which moistens the cream back up again in no time. I also usually give my creams a bit of a stir when I first open them in case they have settled at all.
my tubs all have a slightly different texture - even from the same brand and bought at the same time. They all still work great though
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