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Question for those who shave in the morning

Many of the above washing routines seem like overkill to me - they would certainly play havoc with my skin...

I've always showered in the morning before work and shave in the shower too. A hot flannel serves as my face wash/pre-shave prep and once the shower & shave is done I step out, towel off and splash on a bit of aftershave. No muss, no fuss and no need for fancy moisturising elixirs :)


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
Can’t relate to all these showering/washing/shaving routines, special soaps, ointments, balms. It’s just shaving, man. Where did all the men go ?
Well, I guess it comes down to your definition of a man. There was a time a few hundred years ago when a bath was an occasional occurrence, and so was a shave. If you go far enough back they really didn't happen at all. I suspect some of us got edumacated.
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