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Question About Current Formula of D.R. Harris Aftershave Milk

I remember DRH Aftershave Milk from over twenty years ago and it’s clearly no longer the same product as back then. I remember its being much more creamy and nourishing. Nowadays, it’s quite oily, watery and nowhere near as nourishing for me. The original version (as opposed to the scented ones: Arlington, Marlborough, Windsor and Sandalwood) to my nose has the scent of J&J Baby Oil, which for me is rather off-putting. I remember the scent of the original version from years ago and it was more like very pleasant natural rose water.

While I don’t remember the ingredients from years ago, the current formula includes Paraffin as its main ingredient and also Sodium Laurel Sulfate as one of the other ingredients further down in the list.

Does anyone know what purpose Sodium Lauryl Sulfate might serve in an aftershave product?

Here is the ingredient label from the box of my Windsor Aftershave Milk, which was purchased at Pasteur Pharmacy back in 2013:


The ingredients for my bottles of Original, Arlington, and Sandalwood are exactly the same.
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