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Moisturizer as post shave?

I frequently use green label Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, fragrance-free, without Shea butter. I do my face and neck as well as my hands and arms. Works for me. I find the Shea butter version a bit too heavy for me.
My post shave routine is witch hazel, an aftershave matching the soap and Brickell face moisturizer (Unscented).
I’ve always used specialist moisturisers, along with serums, chemical exfoliants etc (only ever on non shaving days 😅). Elemis/lab series/No.7 - which one depends if I’m shaving in the morning or at night and the season.

Fair play to those of you using hand or body cream on your face, that would be way too thick or shiny for my skin and probably cause me to break out.
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