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Question about blade exposure/angle Gillette

I have read the details in WikiShave comparing various gap measurements in DE razors and can appreciate its value. It creates a partial and objective scale for comparison, all caveats noted.
It is blade angle coupled with exposure that I have a hard time finding information about. For example, in a review of the Gillette toggle it is stated that the blade angle remains constant regardless of gap setting. Does the blade angle change on other than Gillette toggle adjustables?
Is the blade angle on a Red Tip SS the same as an Adjustable (any?) with same gap/exposure? If so why then is it considered to 'more aggressive' by some compared to Gillette adjustables?
Realizing that measurements are informative and not necessarily definitive (just read reviews) they can help manage my Buy Now disorder already complicated by a Don't Buy Now budget.
Thanks, Jerry
Yes, I believe so. Each razor is different and the blade gap and blade angle are what determine it's aggressiveness. For example, there are razors out there that actually flex the blade down it's center line in order to bring the blade angle into appropriate line with the particular guard and gap for that razor (I think the Merkur 34c does this, but I don't have one to know for sure).
Yes I can see where 'tenting' the blade as the guard raises and lowers would change the blade angle in the gap. That really complicates the equation. As I have read here too light a razor encourages more pressure. I have read here that the perceived weight/balance is a large part of personal ergonomics. Certainly the truth becomes apparent with outcomes.
It seems that there are no published measurements or guidelines on these two (gap & blade angle) measureable dimensions that critically effect the shave (aside from blade, soaps etc, yet another complicating factors).
When the reviews are reviewed one can see great ranges of recommendation. If I am not yet familiar enough with the reviewers I can't weight opinions much like I do with food, movies etc.
As with all hardware purchases it is always prudent to review specs when ever possible. Are any of you readers aware of blade angle measurements epecially as they relate to exposure. I know there are guidelines that speak to 'aggressivness' but are there any actual measurements?
Jerry, Have you looked through this thread?

A few pictures down (orientation 1 & 2) it talks a little about blade gap on a more aggressive razor. Whereas the angle of the blade in the cap isn't changed but by using an angle more in favor of the cap will lead to a milder shave, while favoring the guard will make it more aggressive. With a smaller gapped (less aggressive) razor there is not a much room for "play". I think that combined with weight, and also the balance of the razor and all other variables mentioned (lather, prep,.......) would make anything more that a blade gap comparison inconsequential. Truly YMMV, how you hold the razor, your angle, your pressure, your lather, your prep...... will never be exactly the same as the next guys.
Thank you Dan. That is a giant step. It didn't come up in my searches.
At least for the Gillette adjustables that explains the difference between the toggle which claims to maintain a constant blade/cap alignment while all others change as the gap changes (?).
Can anyone speak to the Merkur adjustable mechanism? Does the blade/cap alignment remain constant or variable with gap?
I have three Gillette adjustables; Slim, Fat and metal head Super. With Gillette 7 o'clock yellows, red Personna and even Feathers I am gradually working my way up to larger gaps (now @ 4-5) as my technique and results improves. Each step also has been more demanding for ease of glide (oils for tricky spots i.e. under jaw/chin) and 'richer' lathering rather than 'foamier'.
Hence the questioning about geometry. For the moment I have room to grow with available gap range that Gillette adjustables offer.
nice link dude.:thumbup1:

Not to take anything away from doesnotcompute ( his thread, a good thread!) It wasn't until I found mozarts thread that I had my "Aha" moment. I am guessing it was the way it was worded and the drawings instead of pictures are more visible. Mozarts thread is in the shave clinic > instructions and tutorials > interactive de thread > the de shave (#3 the importance of blade angle). While doesnotcompute's is in the shave clinic. It took me a couple months to find it and actually only found it sifting through a search.

Out of curiosity I took some pics of my Merkurs opened up all the way. I opened them in photoshop and used the measurement tool to approximate the blade angle. Here's what I got:

Vision - 33.4°
Progress - 30.1°
Futur - 33.8°

I'm not sure if the angle changes much through the range of adjustment.
Great shots that illustrate the point. Clearly the Merkurs all have more aggressive angles out of the gate compared to the Mozart illustrations, a superspeed.
A steeper blade angle + larger cap to guard opening = potential for more aggressive shave.
The question remains 'Does the blade angle on a Gillette adjustable change with gap?'
Clearly it is constant on the Merkur and Gillette toggle and the toggle advert. makes a point of angle constancy to distinguish itself.
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