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I have been shaving with the B&B Shavestick for quite a while now and love the scent that it leaves on my face. I contacted Charles at QEDUSA.com to see if i could get a roll-on perfume of this or any of his other fine scents. Apparently, he feels that the fine gentlemen of the wetshaving community wouldn't appreciate being able to enjoy these fine scents all day. So in an effort to prove Charles wrong on this i would like to take a poll on who would be interested in being able to get these.

Also one other thing that he mentioned is that men tend to have a misconception about what perfume is. Just curious on your thoughts. As most of you know, perfume is just one of the terms used to designate the concentration of Essential or Synthetic Oils present in any given scent.
Here's a little something I dug up a year or so ago.

Perfume is a combination of fragrant oils diluted in a high-grade alcohol in a concentration containing about 15-25 percent oil, the alcohol being about 90-95 percent pure. This is a parfum. Any mixture with a lower proportion of oil to alcohol is an eau (water).

There are different strengths of eau, their names measure the strength of a fragrance, or what percent of pure perfume oil the product contains. It does not affect the smell (they will smell the same) but will affect how long the fragrance will last on your skin.

EDC - Eau de cologne is the least concentrated form of a fragrance
(2 - 5% perfume oil dissolved in water and alcohol), then comes...
EDT - Eau de toilette (4 - 10%), followed by....
EDP - Eau de parfum (8 - 15%), and finally the most concentrated....
PARFUM or Perfume (15 - 25%).

Since the perfume oil is the expensive ingredient, price goes up accordingly with the strength.

Sometimes, manufacturer's will come up with other terms to define a fragrance strength, such as "parfum de toilette", "millisime", etc. Where these strengths fall depends on the company using the term. For example, "parfum de toilette", will usually fall between an eau de parfum and parfum, but some might use this term for an eau de toilette. By comparing the formulas within a line with regard to each other, you can usually determine how the company is designating their formula strengths.

But "professuer de parfumes" Roja Dove, perfume expert for the renowned Paris perfume house of Guerlain for the last 20 years, says these strength designations can be misleading. On his lecture tours, he works to debunk the popular notion that perfumes are much stronger than eau de toilettes.

"Eau de toilettes are strong because they're meant to refresh you," Dove said. "You know how women always say they can't smell their perfume after a while? Eighty percent of [eau de toilette] disappears in three hours. Perfume has a softer smell but it lasts up to 24 hours."

Which brings me to another complaint I often hear: "I love that fragrance, but it just doesn't last on me."

I must admit to not understanding why this is a problem, perhaps because I carry my fragrance of the day around with me so that I can..... Reapply!

Fragrances aren't meant to last all day, and after a few hours, they won't smell the way they are supposed to anyway, so enjoy your fragrance EDT's, spritz them on lavishly and often!

the B&B scent is amazing. My wife freaking loves it too. I use it sparingly since Charles only sold the small atomizer when I ordered last.

However, when I shave with the stick, my wife gets all bothered and enticed!The scent fills the entire bathroom.

Seriously Charles, you have a home run with this stuff. Please make it in Mass Quantities!
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