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QED Lime shave stick


I got the extreme pleasure of getting my hands on the new QED shave stick... before I go any further, place your order with Charles for one now before he sells out!! This thing is just out and out awesome! Thus far it comes in 2 scents…. Lime and Lavender. I have never been much of a lime fan but this is just superb, even BETTER than the Castle Forbes lime scent. Very dry, yet tarty and sweet hot damn does that thing smell amazing. I have had my nose buried in it all day!


Charles made it clear to me that this stick is not intended to replace creams or soaps, and is intended more for fun, to change things up a bit. I somewhat disagree with him this shave stick worked like magic. Wet your face, wipe the stick around a bit, and rube your wet brush around your face and you are IMMEDIATELY rewarded with profuse, lime drenched lather. It was VERY quick and easy to use, and the lather provided great lubrication not as much as an English cream, but certainly as much as an English soap. This allowed a TREMENDOUSLY close, comfortable shave, without the burden of irritation. Very fun to use, very compact and transportable, and very convenient.


The numbers…..
Scent 10 (VERY rare for anything in my book to get a 10)
Lubrication 7
Packaging 5*
Ease of use 8
Shave Quality 9
Convenience 9
Comfort 9
Durability 8

* The quality of the tube is VERY high, however the label is cheesy… with that said it is a preliminary version so the final version might look better. Personally I would rather have a less expensive shave stick that looked cheesy than a more expensive one that looked classy

All I could ask for is this bad boy in peppermint to match the QED man soap, and maybe a cake version of this soap to my mugs.
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