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Pulled the trigger on a Timeless

So, seeing as how my wife is pretty much making me take some of my bonus check and spend it on something just for me (I know, first world problems, right?), I decided to pull the trigger on a nice, stainless razor. Ive owned an ATT and a Feather AS-D2, so I decided to go for a Timeless. I like their head design and its kind of cool that theyre here in Ohio, so why not?
I ended up going with the smooth cap, solid bar .68 and the dimpled handle.
I also bought probably $200 worth of soaps from Stirling, Uncle Jons and K Shave Worx.
Anyways, Ive been shaving with my DE89 with a Weber Bulldog handle and getting really good shaves from it and Im hoping that the Timeless will give me a similar shave.
All Great Choice’s there Fellow Ohioan. I will have to look into a Timeless.

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It is a great Razor and baseplate combination. In the future if you want more aggression, you can add a .68 OC or move up to the .95 baseplates. And for real variety you can go for their Titanium Razor or a really different feel their Bronze. Good luck and enjoy.


Congrats on the new Timeless! Although I'm not from Ohio, both of my Son-In-Laws are.

Needless to say, I'm biased towards anything that comes from that great state, and the Timeless is a great example.

Enjoy, my friend!
Great call! Timeless is a great company, great razors, and fantastic customer service. The head of the Timeless works so well and the clean out is perfect. Welcome to the family.

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Their website notes that the underside of the top cap may have machining marks....is this also the case with the highly polished version?
I had my first shave with the Timeless last night and its a keeper. I loaded it up with a Personna Red and used some Stirling Sandalwood soap with an Omega S-Brush. It was an easy, 3-pass DFS (about 90% BBS) without even doing a true ATG pass.
The razor is so so smooth, it almost feels like its not cutting. Part of me kind of felt like it was crazy to drop $200 on a razor but its one heck of a shaver.
Congrats @Badgerstate36, it's really well made, beautiful razor and a great shaver too, glad you're enjoying it.

I started same as you, but soon, lack of blade feel started bothering me with 0.68, so I ordered 0.95 and never looked back. I actually much prefer it to 0.68.

Just as smooth, but a lot more efficient, with great blade feel and a bit wider margin for perfect shaving angle. (both of mine are scalloped).
Congrats, great shavers, and nice choice of soaps. Can't go wrong with Stirling, which I find to be top notch, regardless of price, with fabulous scents.
I have the 0.68 OC. It is the only razor I use these days. Well sometimes I bust out the Mamba. I returned my ATT and sold my 17-4. Timeless is the beat in my opinion.
Amen to that. I had shave #2 with the Timeless last night and Im sold on it. Im completely happy with it and have absolutely no regrets. I honestly dont even feel the need to try the .98 plate. The .68 works fine for me and is a very nice, mild shave.