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Proraso - I get the hype!

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Dare accepted! I've seen the Jack Black products around but didn't think much of it. I placed an order for the smaller size tube. It will be here Monday and I'll use it in the next shave.

Looking at its ingredients, I see it's got oils like Jojoba and Macademia which I think is why it appears to work so well. Coincidentally, my all time favorite soap (more of a dense cream), for scent and performance, is the Officina Artigiana Milano Oli del Benessere (and Najran); also high in oils (Jojoba, Argan, Castor, Almond and Grapeseed).
You can use it under lather, on its own and as an aftershave. I use for the latter two.
Do you recommend skipping their JB Supreme Cream Lather and going straight to the JB Beard LUBE?
I haven’t used the cream but what I can tell you is that this company is quality all around. The beard lube and my Henson ++ makes shaving even a thick beard with several days growth a walk in the park especially on the neck area. Just a splash of water on an area that might need touch up and the slickness comes back. Throughly wet your face and hands and just apply a bit heavier than you would moisturizer. It is basically a bullet proof process. I love seeing clearly what I am shaving it makes things so much more predictable.
I like Proraso
With all this Proraso talk, I am going to have to use it here as I haven't in quite a while. I have the Blue, Green, White, all pre, soap, tubes, post aftershave splashes and balms for each line.
Thanks for the great review. I agree with pretty much everything you say. I too find Proraso shaving cream to be first class. I especially love how it gives me that heavy, slick lather that gives lots of glide and protection..

I often find that it outperforms much more expensive shaving creams. I recently used Proraso then the following day I used Trumpers Eucris shaving cream.. and I have to say, it really brought to my attention how good the Proraso actually works for me when comparing the two quite close together.

While I love the scent of Eucris, for want of better description, but I perrsonally find the lather to be a lighter, dryer sort of aerated kind. While this may work great, after all it is down to preference, for some I much prefer a slick, heavy/dense kind of lather. I suppose I have quite sensitive skin so I like when a lather provides plenty of cushion, glide, protection.. like a lubrication for the blade. The Proraso is ideal for this!

Also, how you mention the menthol! I too tend to avoid menthol/eucalyptus kind of scents.. but when it comes to Proaso I find the original green fragrance to be extremely pleasant! Its a wonderful scent.. quite addictive!

I since ordered the pre-shave and the after shave balm in the original Green "refreshing" variety so I'm keen to try those out! I'll have to get the aftershave also. I don't really use aftershaves on the face all that often anymore but it'd be nice to use as a cologne if it has that nice original Proraso fragrance.

Thank you!
I've only used Red & White (I use red aftershave everyday)!
What does the Blue smell like?
The other 3 show the main (scent) ingredient on the tube. The blue doesn't!
It is kind of hard to describe the scent of the blue. It is rather light and non clingy. But some kind of citrus (lime sounds about right) with a smidge of menthol and a dollop of aloe gel. It smells clean, slick and of an irritation-less shave.
I used the blue today, I haven't in about a year now, I enjoyed it. I used the whole line, pre, blue and post so yes it was an enjoyable shave.
Blue is my favorite Proraso, but green is gaining rapidly.

For those who like the blue, a humble suggestion - squeeze some out into a plastic container and let it rest for a couple of days. I found that some time opens up the scent more than straight out of the tube.

(I received a sample of blue in a plastic jar, but when I ordered the tube, I was disappointed - it wasn't the same at all. Then, I tried the above and got amazing results.)

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