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Proraso A/S Balm


I got an order in from Charles this week which included a bottle of proraso "Liquid cream aftershave." I was REALLY pleased with the effectiveness of this balm. It has the consistancy similar to DR Harris Aftershave Milk, and C&E Nomad aftershave balm. Very light, milky liquid. The vitamin E, witch hazel, etc form a wonderful soothing/cooling feeling, and the moisturizing properties of this cream are simply perfect. Just the right amount of moisture, sinks into the skin within seconds, does not leave your skin greasy at all, and is perfect for cold and hot weather alike. It was 90 degrees today, and the cream functioned flawlessly, and did not leave a "heavyness" other balms tend to leave. I like this stuff enough that I plan on purchasing a bottle of the Proraso aftershave splash in my next order. For $12 - I am VERY impressed. It has a very nice, light scent that fades quickly, is very reasonable and works quite well. If you are a fan of proraso, or C&E balm - you'll want to add one of these to your toiletry locker.
Would you use this in addtion to the Pre/post or as a replacement for it? :confused:

Best Regards,
Trying to relather

As a sufferer of chronically dry skin, I have always been interested in this stuff, as well as other Proraso products. Is there a scent? If so, what is it and will it interfere with other aftershave/cologne scents if you choose to use them afterwards? Many Thanks.

Joel (and anyone else)-

As RVG asked above, I am also curious about the fragrance of the Proraso Liquid Cream Aftershave. What is the initial scent, if any? And, how long does it last? Do you feel it would interfere with a cologne applied thereafter?

After reading your review and looking at it from a price-point perspective, the Proraso certainly seems like a winner!

By the way, the site looks awesome!

I use both the Pre/Post and the Aftershave Balm. I must say that the Pre/Post is one of the most underappreciated products available. It works wonders in both respects - as a preshave prep and as a soothing aftershave. The Aftershave Balm is useful more for its moisturizing properties as a finishing touch after the Post cream.

- Brad
i used this just this morning,,,,i like proraso soap and then use the a/s balm....it is liked described above...light....but I always finish each shave with aloe 80...just a small drop. It always clears any small irritation and makes my face very smooth.

mark tssb :smile:

I agree, I think that the Proraso Pre/Post Cream is an excellent product!

Personally, I relegate it's use to pre-shave only, as I prefer to use something lighter and less fragranced on my skin immediately after shaving.

Back to RVG's and my question... Could somebody please give some additional description of the scent (and it's intensity/longevity) of the Proraso Liquid Cream Aftershave?

Chris -

The scent is mild and fresh. It doesn't last that long, which I actually prefer. By the way, you should try the Pre/Post again, but make sure to mix it with some cold water to thin it out a bit after shaving.

- Brad
There is a scent - but it is very light, and it will fade quickly - within a matter of minutes! It will not interfere with any other scents - in fact within 5 minutes or so, there is no discernable scent on your skin. I would be more in depth with a scent description - but there isn't really much of one. It has a bit of a nivea balm/LIGHT proraso scent to it, but again super light, and fades almost immediatly.
Thanks, Joel. The description makes it seem right up my alley. Nice price, too. I will definitely be giving this stuff a try some point. I'll add my own observations as well.


Thank you both for your descriptive posts! Here's the deal... My skin is a little oily and I have been looking for a post-shave product that would:

- Act as a lightweight moisturizer
- Possess some "healing/soothing" properties
- Not interfere with whatever fragrance I wear

It sounds like the Proraso Liquid Cream Aftershave may be the stuff! (And, the price is certainly right!)

Okay, it has now been added to my ever-expanding "to buy" list! (Along with the QED's B&B cologne and Special 218 and Sandalwood shaving soaps!)

Does anybody have any other suggestions? (I have read the posts about D.R. Harris' After Shaving Milk, but I think it's a little expensive. Also, Charles sent me a sample of the MaleFace Rejuvenating Moisture Cream and liked it very much!)


PS: :a23: <--- Is that Clubman talc???

Are yu looking for clubman talc ??? Big Lots has a bucnh of it for only 75 cents a 4 oz container. Of course these can vary from store to store...

check it out if you want some.

mark tssb

Although I am a huge fan of Clubman talc and use it regularly (A definite classic!), I was simply making a little joke using the "line-snorting" smiley.

Unfortunately, I don't believe there's a Big Lots in the New York City area or I'd stock-up!

How does this compare to Trumper's Coral Skin Food?

I have mildly sensitive skin, so I have to be fairly careful what I use as an aftershave balm. For example, I splashed on a little T&H unscented aftershave balm a couple of days ago... not good. However, I have found the Trumper's Coral Skin Food to be excellent, though I am not entirely enamoured with the scent (I find it a little strong).

I would be very interested to hear about how the two compare since I am only days away from placing an order with Charles.
I don't have much experience with Skin Food, but some people swear by it. I don't think you can go wrong with the Proraso, especially since it is alcohol-free and mild in every way.

- Brad
Although I really like the Coral Skin Food, I am tempted to switch over to the Proraso if it is as good as Joel is reporting. It is nearly half the price!
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