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Prehistoric shaving kit

I have an awful lot of time on my hands.

About a month ago, on a whim, I bought a Flintstones toy shaving kit off the bay. I was curious as to whether the brush and soap supplied in the kit were actually functional. A Gem blade was attached to the included plastic shaving hatchet using two part epoxy and I used a Fine shaving bowl to build a lather.

Ingredients: Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate*, Water, Petrolatum, Sucriose Laurate, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Fragrance, Pentasodium Pentatate, Tetrasodium Etidronate. *May also contain Sodium Palm Kernelate.

The Shave: The puck was soaked in hot water for about ten minutes. The brush has absolutely no backbone, so I loaded it from the supplied plastic cup and then built a lather in a Fine shaving bowl. It wasn't all that difficult to build a lather, but the lather wasn't very stable, nor was it very slick. There was little to no residual slickness after the first stroke of the blade. Even rewetting the face didn't help. I carefully finished up the first pass and re-lathered with some vintage Colgate Barbers soap for the XTG pass. What a difference.

As far as the brush goes, it stank to high hell. It smells very strongly of moth balls and industrial dye. When I was cleaning it after the first and last pass using the supplied soap, it began to leak some really nasty dark brown fluid all over the place.

Yabba dabba doo!

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That is SOOOOO COOOOOL! I'm so weird, I love stuff like this. I wouldn't have expected a good shave, but how awesome it is you used it! Dude, admit it, sometimes life is...cool. Take care in future shaves there Goggles Paesano!

Remember. Never Lift and always run flat out!
Was this meant for kids? Because some poor 8 year old is going to cut himself bad with the blade. Still, a blast from the past and major props on trying it out!
I had a lot of fun testing this toy shave kit out and sharing the experience with everyone on the forum. And Mr. Vey, you make some of the finest brushes in the industry..... so no, this was definitely not one of yours. ;)

I'm not sure why my last sentence comparing the performance of the brush knot to a prominent lawyers leaky dome was removed. There really was nothing political about it at all. Bad hair is bad hair is bad hair.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I dulled both points of the GEM blade so that it would be less likely to bite me.
I tried to post a picture of it but my electronic devices were being difficult.

Big fan of the cartoon. Almost choked to death once on a hamburger when I started laughing mid swallow watching Fred and Barney double-timing and volunteering for the cavalry ( a brontosaurus with a saddle!) after they inadvertently signed up for the army.
Good times right? Heh heh heh. Glad ya made it through bro. Maybe slow down on the hamburger there Goggle Paesano. It's not like ya have the Great Gazoo there to snap his fingers.
I'm not sure, but I think yer point about Fred using a prehistoric electric razor might even be truly ironic. How weird is that? But I digress, I could be wrong about irony, I am not an educated man.

In an unFlinstone but still 60's note, I'd like to mention that one of my true childhood (and I mean childhood, nothing weird) crushes died. Dawn Wells, known as Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island.

Sad that Dawn Wells has passed. She was a childhood crush of mine as well. I was fortunate enough to have met her many years ago. I found her to be a real delight..... full of energy and very congenial.
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