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Post your local/flea market stone scores. (There's none left. Tim found them all.)

Wow that's like my last two months' worth of finds in a few days for you. Prime hunting area there!


"Look what I found"
Are you sure that's not a washita, Tim?

It can't be a black IMO. There's way too much light transmission. I'm going to agree with David on this one, probably a Washita. You'd be surprised how much surface structure that accumulated swarf, oil and grease can obstruct.

I still want to see this one cleaned up. The curiosity is killing my cat.

It is either the rare chameleon stone that changes colors or I screwed the pooch. I would have bet the sink it was black. Even scraped with my knife, all I came up with is black. A nice Ark but not what I thought it was. I'll take my demotion and demerits and go back hunting.

Still a good stone though. I probably get more use out of my Washitas than I do my finisher Arks.


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Still a good stone though. I probably get more use out of my Washitas than I do my finisher Arks.
+1 I love my washitas.
Isn't it amazing what a simple green soak does to these oil caked stones?


"Look what I found"
No. You've scored nicely. I'm always on the lookout for Washitas.

I am on the road to redemption, if one is good than are three better? They were part of a group buy from a woodworker. I really only wanted the so called SB, but for the price of a pizza and a beer, they all came home with me. They are all 1 inch thick with one coming in at 1 1/2 thick.


Well as Meatloaf says "two out of three ain't bad"; the one on the left looks like a Hindo. But a very nice haul none the less.
Yeah that left one in the side shot definitely isn't a Washita. Could be a Hindostan for sure. And yup those are from Indiana. If you search here at B&B you'll find a thread I started for Hindostans with a bunch of historical info about them.

Edit: here you go:

Hindostan Info/Photos/ID Thread


"Look what I found"
A few pictures of my mystery stone. It's in an interesting box that's hinged with a leather strap and tacks. It is slightly trapezoid measuring 8 x 1 3/4 to 2 x 1 3/8 thick. Can see swirls on the top and layers on the side but they could be grain transfer from the wood. I would normally pass on a stone like this but it was part of the box lot. I do see these a few times a year.
If is is a Hindostan, what is its approximate age from the mine? Thanks for the info.



Sure looks like one to me. The town where the mines were located was pretty much shut down after an illness outbreak basically decimated the population. The town was mostly done for by the end of the 1820's and the remaining straggler residents were all out by the mid 1850's IIRC. There's no official accounting of mine production after the 1820's that I'm aware of, but there was surely still some stone being pulled at that point. I'd say it's likely that your stone is probably from before the turn of the 20th century.
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