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As B&B grows exponentially, I find it increasingly difficult to digest the myriad posts. I've missed some real gems the first time around, and by the time I notice them, it's often too late to participate. There's just so much good stuff on here these days, it's inevitable that some interesting pieces will be overlooked.

With that in mind, I thought it might help to have an informal thread where folks could direct interested parties to posts that they find particularly noteworthy. It could be in regards to anything- a great expression; a good putdown; a flippant remark; hey, it can even involving shaving!

I got this ides some time ago when I read a thread in which someone posted a picture of his rather sizeable collection. One of our luminaries commented on the picture thusly: "Nice travel kit." That may well be the post of the year, and anyone who missed it did not get the full B&B experience.

So, if you come across a great tip, a side splitting joke, or anything that leaves you more impressed than usual, why not direct your fellow addicts to it.

If this concept fails miserably, this thread will simply die on the vine, so no matter. I'll get the ball rolling...............
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