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Does anyone else have a pipe or shape that makes them :001_wub:

I have a couple shapes that I would like to acquire one day, a Byron's Favorite is on that list, along with a Gourd Calabash, but this is a pipe that drives me crazy, I have no idea what it sold for, but I'm sure that it would blow the pipe budget for 5 years or more. It's a Kei'Ichi Gotoh and is called a "Speared Fish" shape. Most other pipes with Bamboo are a turn off for me, for some reason the bamboo just looks out of place, but with this one it's a perfect match. The grain pattern actually looks like fish scales, and the craftsman ship is wonderful, a functional piece of art. What are your dream pipes?
Churchwardens are my thing right now. Stanwell's Hans Christian Anderson is an awesome looking pipe! I shall have one before the year is out.

i once saw a meerschaum where the bowl was supported by an upside-down dragon's claw. the draw hole was bored up through where the wrist would be. it was a bit fantastical for my taste, but i appreciated the craftsmanship nonetheless.

here is a pic for reference, but it comes nowhere near the other one, imo. there was much more space between the bowl and claw. at first glance, it was much less obvious that it was in fact a pipe and not a table ornament.

If I recall correctly, I think that harpooned whale by Gotoh sold in the neighborhood of $2000 at smokingpipes.com

The pipe I always wanted was the Bo's Favorite, Nordh's favorite pipe and then done again by Nordh's good friend Bengt Carlson. Bengt was kind enough to make me one and the pipe actually started a friendship between myself and Bengt. Here is a pic...


If I get a chance I will photograph my actually pipe.

Great thread idea.

I love looking at high-grade Briar:thumbup:
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