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FS Pike no. 1 washita, 2 tomo and a coticule slurry stone

1. Nakayama Kiita tomo-- great finisher. Very hard, about a 5/5 (on tjs scale where 5++ was the hardest I think) and very fine but not super fast. $29 shipped

2. Asagi tomo from thejapanstone -- a notch softer and not quite as fine as the kiita but still a finisher. $19 shipped

3. Coticule slurry stone-- nice little chunk of coticule, finishing quality $24 shipped

4. No 1 washita 6x2x1 -- neat little stone but annoying to use (to me). It can be used to set bevels but I wouldn't do any real heavy lifting with it or you'll be at it for a while. The label is broken and kind of delicate (my fault) I'll try to package it very carefully. $50 shipped

Pm me if you want more info or more pics. No trades or offers at this time please. Thanks for lookin.


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Which is which? Except for the Washita (that is obvious) .


In the last verification picture, from the top: Asagi, Nakayama, Coticule. (He says confidently before being told it's completely wrong!)

Lovely looking Washita there :).
Which is which? Except for the Washita (that is obvious) .

In not sure how things got mixed up like that :/ in reference to the first post it goes. 1. Kiita 2. Washita. 3. Coticule. Asagi. Kiita again (the same one)
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