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GIVEAWAY! PIF Software/Edt/Etc...

I've got a few items to PIF to any B&B member who's interested.... hate to see things sitting unused.

Winner will be determined by guessing the number closest to one I've previously picked(Bob Barker Rules) So to enter up simply comment your guessed number in order in the running list of guessed numbers....
You as an entrant copy and paste the comment before yours say my # is XX
Add to the list and post comment.. and on and on. In the interest of fairness a admin already knows the winning #

Up for grabs is a Oleo Wayoh set(spice bomb dupe) Soap 70%ish splash 85%+
Tommy Bahama Edt set sail st barts sprayed once
Col conk lime soap 99%
Dettol citrus pine shave cream 99٪
Assorted edt samples all 1x sprayed
1 mystery DE Razor (not pictured) SB/OC likely Chinese but shaves pretty darn good. Mild on the SB side slightly more aggressive on the OC side. I'll likely toss in some blades and other AS/Soap samples. Winning number is between 1 and 1000....Best of luck.



Updated list. If you(the next person to enter) catch this copy the above numbers, state yours, add yours and the next person hopefully does the same.... it saves later players having to check the whole thread to avoid duplicates and lessen confusion..... if not no big sweat I know Bob Barker rules aren't the norm on B&B PIF threads, I will check periodically to try to keep a tidy list.

Thanks all for participating, best of luck.
Picture of the razor im tossing in.... handle is mid, lacks some weight,knurling is shallow. But I like the size overall..... though the head is a mystery the build is solid. Holds a blade perfect, shaves well.


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