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GIVEAWAY! PIF for Shave soaps/creams and accompanying A/S Giveaway

Well thanks to some of the members on this forum, I have figured out how to set up excel for a random selection. Amazingly, I tested it and it works. This beats the heck out of printing up a bunch of labels and sticking in a hat and selecting 7 1/8 as the winner. (old joke). Good luck to all. I also threw a little extra something in each package.
Giveaway -
Well, I have never done this before, so bear with me. The obligatory notice.. CONUS ONLY. YOU HAVE TO HAVE BEEN A MEMBER OF THIS FORUM BEFORE AUGUST 15, 2023.
The members on this forum have been nothing but understanding and helpful whenever I reached out with a question. I just want to pay pack to the group, where I can. As Mr. Shavington told me, "It is amazing how such a mundane task (shaving) can bring such joy to your day". So here goes.

I swear I was just planning on looking into that Rabbit Hole. Some one pushed me in and I came out with too many soaps and a/s and balm product. These are all used, but not very much. The a/s are nearly full and the soaps were used very few times. I thought it would be better if someone else could enjoy them. I am a minimalist and prefer having fewer choices.
So what I would like to do is break these up into 2 packages. Just say "YOU ARE IN" and I will add your name to the drawing. I will mention the winners a week from this Sunday, so September 10, 2023. This means the drawing will close Sept 9, 2023 5:00 PM CST. The first name drawn will get package 1 and the second, package 2. Hope you will enjoy these.

THIS IS PACKAGE 1.View attachment 1711082

View attachment 1711081
"YOU ARE IN" !!!! (in case this is like the 8th grade test to see if I paid attention to the instructions !!!)

Please sir COUNT ME IN :)
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