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GIVEAWAY! PIF for Shave soaps/creams and accompanying A/S Giveaway

Giveaway -
Well, I have never done this before, so bear with me. The obligatory notice.. CONUS ONLY. YOU HAVE TO HAVE BEEN A MEMBER OF THIS FORUM BEFORE AUGUST 15, 2023.
The members on this forum have been nothing but understanding and helpful whenever I reached out with a question. I just want to pay pack to the group, where I can. As Mr. Shavington told me, "It is amazing how such a mundane task (shaving) can bring such joy to your day". So here goes.

I swear I was just planning on looking into that Rabbit Hole. Some one pushed me in and I came out with too many soaps and a/s and balm product. These are all used, but not very much. The a/s are nearly full and the soaps were used very few times. I thought it would be better if someone else could enjoy them. I am a minimalist and prefer having fewer choices.
So what I would like to do is break these up into 2 packages. Just say "YOU ARE IN" and I will add your name to the drawing. I will mention the winners a week from this Sunday, so September 10, 2023. This means the drawing will close Sept 9, 2023 5:00 PM CST. The first name drawn will get package 1 and the second, package 2. Hope you will enjoy these.


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Very nice !! I am in , if that's okay.... I have never tried those things before.... September 9th is / are my twins birthday...
I thought of saying "you are in " like you said too but I thought the other way might be okay too ;) :)
There is still plenty of time to enter this PIF. Some wonderful items need to find a happy home.
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