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GIVEAWAY! PIF 3 - Blades

This is one of 3 PIFs I'm offering. I'm going to post them separately, but feel free to enter all 3 if you wish. It's open to all members in the US or Canada with at least 10 posts, since you need at least 10 to send a PM.

This one is for some Voskhod blades. I commented somewhere awhile ago about liking Voskhods but not wanting to buy Russian blades right now, and @gdawg55 PMed me out of the blue that he had a bunch and didn't use them anymore and kindly sent me his. Well, as time has gone on, my preferences have changed as well, so I have 60 or so left that I want to hand out.

This PIF is different from the first 2, it's not a random draw. If you've never used them and want to give them a try, or if they're a favorite and you're running low, post that you're in and PM me your address. The first 12 to respond by Monday the 26th will get a tuck of 5. If less than 12 people want some, then that's more blades for everyone who's in. I'll probably throw in a couple of other random blades too.
Respectfully, not in this great PIF. I have used several different Russian blades in the past, all with great results. However, I am totally addicted to Bic Chrome platinum blades. Hope the lucky winners have many great shaves with their blades.
Respectfully not in, but in the past I have found Voskhod to be very smooth blades. They weren't the sharpest, but I did find them very smooth. I hope that all of the winners enjoy them!
Since this one doesn't require a trip to the post office and I’ve still got enough to send to a couple more recipients, I’ll leave this open in case any late comers want some Voskhods and a few other random blades. Those who are in so far, blades will be dropped in the mail tomorrow.


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Ah, crud, I forgot the "Giveaway" tag on this one. If a mod happens on this thread, would you mind adding it?
Ask and you shall receive, obviously! I see that "Giveaway" was added.

I am always impressed by people that know how to edit anything on here.

Of course, being slightly dyslexic I am always impressed by folks that know that need editing!

I've tried Voshkod blades and they are a fine blade. Not in, because as @fast shaver will tell you, a face as incredibly handsome as mine can get by with almost any blade doggone!
Blades are on the way...

Hope all that have received are getting some good shaves, either from the Voskhods or the assorted extras.

And with that, this PIF is now officially closed!
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