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Pics: Shumate #222 Straight

Here are the pics of my new Shumate #222 Straight. Not 100% sure of the age. I was told 1950's maybe 1920's... So if anyone has a clue about the age, it would be nice to know.

I shot the photos in RAW so I could tweak a bit in Photoshop to get a little better detail. Specially for the glittery scales... Which I am not sure if I like or not...

So here is my first straight =)


Not bad for $16 =)
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Here is some dating info taken from this site.

Austin, TX until 1904, then St. Louis, Missouri
ca. 1900 - 1920

St. Louis, Missouri
ca. 1920 - 1932

So apparently your razor would come from the second period, 1920-1932. I have one of these, and it is one of my favorites. Good score! :smile:
Edit: I just looked at mine, and it is from the earlier period, 1904-1920.
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It actually shaves a bit. edge is pretty sharp, i cut some hairs off my arm... and for the weed whacker test a bif from my chest.

I dont really know how to shave with it yet, so I didnt try anything risky. I did run it down my cheek a few times (dry/no lather) and I loved the sound it makes as it cut a little stubble.

Thankfully, no skin was harmed or sacraficed in the test =)
You've done very well for your... $16?

Looks like it could easily be made shave-ready. And those scales would appeal to... somebody! Maybe someone who really liked disco music in the late 70's.

Disco razor, ya ya ya :lol:



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A bit funky for me but not bad at all for $16!
Ya, Im not big on the scales... If I end up doing well with it after its honed, Ill send it to someone to rescale for me =)
These scales have to go with Lipps Inc. - Funky Town on repeat whenever you shave.

*humming "won't you take me to funkkyyyyyyyyyy town. Won't you take me to funkyyyyyyyy town..."*

P.S. I don't know why, but I kind of like them actually :blush:
Me so funky.
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I really like those gold scales. If I had seen that on ebay, you would NOT have won it for 16 bucks. PM me if you ever want to sell or trade it.
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