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Pics lathering T&H Hard Soap...

Please excuse some of the different styles/lightings in the pics. I JUST got this new digicam, and have been messing with the size/settings.

Soaking the brush....


Top of wood bowl - close up....



3 quick swirls....

5 more quick swirls...


Up close and personal...

5 more quick swirls...

Side view...

No flash - digimacro mode...

Two links to MONSTER close up no flash pics... you can practically count the hairs...
Link 1
Link 2
I have no real experience with soaps at all so forgive me when I ask this but how many times did you flick the brush before you went to work.
Just used this soap tonight and what a fine lather it generates.

Sean: I just swirl my brush after pulling it out of the water. Swirl as though you would be generating lather on an imaginary cake of soap. I find that this releases just the right amount of water. Then I generate lather. Maybe 10-12 swirls on the soap and then generate more lather on my face. If I find the lather to be too dry then I push the brush on my face with more force to release some of the water that has been trapped in the brush. This seems to work for me.
gage0921 said:
I have no real experience with soaps at all so forgive me when I ask this but how many times did you flick the brush before you went to work.

The Rooney is a peculiar little thing - so I gave it one light flick. Depends on the brush, bristle density, firmness of the bristles, water holding capacity etc.

Personally I prefer soaps - I find them more fun, more economical, more efficacious, and easier to use.

Sounds like you need to add a bit of water. If you want to practice building lather with a soap, pop in to WalMart and pick up a couple of cakes of Williams Shaving Soap, 97 cents each. I believe that I get a closer shave with soaps. Ron is the soap "guru", so maybe he will chime in with a bit of advice!


I use a coffee mug. Doesn't give a lot of room for working the lather, but once I have "swirled and pumped" the soap a bit, I move to a bowl. I started out with Williams Shaving Soap, and have always had good luck with it. What I did was just practice building lather. If it is not wet enough, it will dry on your face before you finish brushing it on. I have had great luck with the QED soaps, and also the ClassicShaving soaps.Classics don't build as much lather, but they do a great job of lubricating. Practice is the key, and with the price of Williams, it's not much of an investment.


One other thing you might try, and this actually comes from Gordon. Try putting a pea sized dollop of cream on top of your soap before lathering. This also works well, but again, you'll have to figure out the soap/water ratio.

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