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Picked up a metal case with a script logo

I have not found a reference to a metal case having a script logo. Apparently the script logo stopped in 1909. I cant find a reference to a metal case in that time frame. The logo separates from the case as an insert. I can see the dried glue on the backside with no damage to the glue it does not look like it was pulled out. Maybe the script logo came from a wooden case. I do not have a wooden case with a script logo so I would not know if that's possible. The logo insert is 1 3/4 by 3 1/4 about the size of a Bostonian case.

Also, I found a knob protruding from the right side where the end of the razor goes. It came with a New Common Bar stuck in it- which did not fit nicely. I grabbed my lovely Bell End Old Type out of its French Ivory case and it fit in perfectly. It goes on and snaps in place like it belongs there.

If anyone can solve this little mystery that would be great as I don't know what razor should be with this case. I suspect the open ball end old type but that's me have fun with it and unfortunately I don't have one yet to try it out.

Thanks in advance :)

Here are some pics;

$script logo metal box.jpg$bell tube fits 2.jpg$bell tube snaps in nicely.jpg
Im thinking they had some scripts left from the old cases and just used them up on the newer ones. Either way a old type single ring should be paired with the case.
That exact style case is illustrated with the No.460B, C, and G sets in the 1909 catalog below. (Click to enlarge.) That would have been about the earliest that you'd have seen the diamond logo showing up in cases, so I have no trouble believing that this style was sold while the script logo was still being used.

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