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Discussion in 'The Darkroom' started by noahpictures, May 6, 2013.

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  1. Adorable!
  2. I've acquired a family with 6 grandchildren now John. Of course my camera will be put to a lot of use!
  3. What, me snacking on your pumpkin?

    OK you got me!

  4. shm


    Great shots guys :thumbup:
  5. troy

    troy Ambassador

  6. Some Dead Elvis Beer Pong
  7. Very cool shot, and bonus points for the "Workaholics" poster in the background
  8. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

    Super! Let’s see pic!
  9. DSC00889-copy.jpg DSC00892-copy.jpg DSC00855-copy.jpg
    John, the grandkids above, my partner at the bottom!
  10. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

  11. Thanks John.

    Muchly in love, and are having a handfasting ceremony next year!
  12. OK, it's not like i've never attached a photo in B&B before. I just added photos to a BST post. I tried however to upload an image for this thread, only it does not seem to show up. Is there maybe something different with this thread as far as file type or size limit?

    Trying it again with this post.

    Thanks in advance,


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  13. sarimento1

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    ^got it, nice, thanks!

    Here is another from the archives, Oslo train station, D4 with 24-120mm lens.

  14. ackvil

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    @Chapinahat: Your photos are always incredible. Fantastic color and clarity.
  15. Many thanks Tim. Starting to get more paid gigs now, so the hours of work are finally paying off now!
  16. oc_in_fw

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    Ah, that’s where the term “tying the knot” came from.

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