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GIVEAWAY! Paying It Foward, Gillette Flare Tip

I've won a couple of PIFs this year and feel I need to keep the good karma flowing. So I'm doing a few PIFs myself. Get in on one or all. They are open to "anyone" who wants in. It doesn't matter to me. I just want to enjoy the other side of the giveaway.

Here is a very nice D4 (1958) Gillette Flare tip. And I'm going to add 21 blades of all sorts. Just a grab into my open tucks of blades gets you at least 15 +/- different names.


So post up that you want in on this any way you want. I will wait a week or maybe more before ending this Giveaway.
(Sorry for the blurry picture. Not enough coffee this morning.)
Wonderful PIF!! :a29::a29:

Respectfully not in as I will leave this for someone who ‘needs’ to try a Flair tip.
Excellent PIF for a beautiful flare tip. Respectfully not in since I already have a nice one of my own.
Very nice!! Respectfully not in, as I already have one.

To whoever is lucky to get it: Try it with a Feather or Kai blade - perfection!
Excellent PIF! Respectfully not in, as I have a 1971 black handle Super Speed and plenty of blades.
Very tempting, as I have tried a flare tip in the past and really liked it, plus I love vintage razors. However, I will leave this generous PIF for one who has not had an opportunity to try one. Thank you for giving back to the community.
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