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Parker PTW

I bought this Parker PTW push type changeable blade straight razor just out of curiosity. After using a regular straight razor it was a bit light and it took two shaves to get the feel. But on the second shave all was sublime. I have to say I am impressed by this inexpensive razor and how it shaves.

The head is made of steel and the profile is that of a hollow ground straight razor. It uses a sliding steel insert that is pushed forward out of the razor head. One then loads a half of a standard DE safety razor blade and then slides the carrier/holder back inside. Once in the razor the blade is clamped and won't move at all. Parker has pretty good quality control as those who have their DE razors probably are aware. Even the spine of the steel razor is decorated nicely.

While the handle is light weight plastic, the razor itself and the holder are all steel, not aluminum like the knockoffs are. The tail of the Parker is capped in a matching white plastic cap, which is a nice touch. This razor also comes in the PTB Black. I should mention that the PT means it is a push to load razor, pushing the holder in and out. Another thing to mention is that Dovo and Boker use the same system, except their holders are plastic and not steel.

The shaves I have been getting are really great. They are smooth and easy. I have yet to cut myself, give myself a weeper, or get any irritation. Knock on wood :a7: . The shaves have been close and comfortable and near BBS each time, like today. I only had one tough spot that I didn't get well enough, but it was so close I didn't care. Nice, nice shave.

I should point out that I don't expect from this razor what I would from an expensive straight razor, but I am getting just as good of shaves. This is all the more impressive because these replaceable blade straight razors are very inexpensive. For around $20, give or take, one can have a nice travel straight razor, or one that requires near zero maintenance.

Another thing I like about this razor is that the sides and ends are smooth. There are no latches, screws, or knobs sticking out to catch one's face or at least to feel. This feels like a small hollow ground "shorty" traditional straight razor.
Thanks for the mini review. This Parker looks like a nice razor.

Does the blade loading mechanism have some slight resistance to avoid moving during a shave? For example to avoid any tendency for the slider to move like might be accidentally introduced when rotating the hand to cut in a sweeping arch.
Yes, it fits snug enough it isn't going anywhere. When you push the slider, it has a sort of detent or a catch or something that takes a little extra force to overcome. Plus, the head does the clamping so that slider isn't going anywhere.

There are clones out there, but they haven't the quality of the Parker. Most of those are aluminum and the tolerances aren't good. Parker has good QC.
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