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FS PantaRei Pure Horn Estephan Shaving Brush

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Parting ways with one of the best brushes I have ever used. I have made the move to synthetics, and this never gets used. This will hurt, but I want it to go to a home where it will get used.

This absolutely stunning brush is of course hand made in Sicily, its a 28mm knot in super soft Silvertip Badger with a 50mm free loft.

There is a slight imperfection on the bottom (see picture #3 the owner said that happened as he was making the brush)

I paid $210 (179 Euro) for this just back in September - I've used it about 6 times, with only one soap (MWF).

As you can see the box is big, but also beautiful.

CONUS ONLY. Paypal. Price includes shipping and PayPal fee they charge you on a transaction.

$180 (I live in Alaska, the box is big and will cost at least $15 to ship)

I've been trying to sell the below soap lot (NOT THE GD - Just the Stirling, Oleo and Mikes) for the last two weeks, to no avail. I don't and wont use these soaps, so ill give them away. If you buy this PantaRei brush - Ill throw in the soap lot for free!

Brush (only) + 3 Soaps - $160
Brush (in box) + 3 Soaps - $180

soap lot.jpg
If anyone is interested, this item is up for sale on a well known auction site - starting bid is set at $85.

Id rather sell it on here if anyone wants it.
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