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Palmolive lathering

I was wondering if anyone had actually followed the directions placed on the US Palmolive tubes. The instructions say to:
1. Wash face with soap and rinse
2. Apply soap to face again but do not rinse
3. Apply Palmolive with brush
4. Shave

I was curious if the initial layer of soap under the Palmolive did anything significant. When I've used it I applied it directly to a wet face, no initial soapy layer.
The principle behind it is the same as guys who put down a layer of PSO or pre/post balm underneath their lather. Cream by itself can be grabby and hard to cut. Putting something slick underneath it is to try for the best of both worlds. It is also the same as mixing soap lather (usually olive oil soap) in with a good cream. You are shooting for the perfect balance of slickness and cushion.

Does it work? Sort of. Is it necessary? No. I have tried all kinds of different products underneath shaving cream lather and some of them do facilitate a smoother shave. If you are curious, give it a try. My only caveat is to make sure you use something that is compatible with your skin. Locking a layer of something on your face for 10 minutes that doesn't agree with you is a sure-fire way to irritation.

I've always skipped the soap layer with Palmolive as the stuff is slick enough. I imagine it might be a little better if you use a good soap underneath, but in my mind it would not be worth the effort.
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